A major goal of mine is to develop products that manipulate, simulate, or analyze complex 3D models. Today I am a software engineer @HERE, contributing mainly to the development of map compilers optimized for geocoding and search use cases. At Spark Summit 2017 I talked about work I did to create heat maps from reverse geocoding logs.

I did my undergrad in electrical engineering at Georiga Tech in Atlanta. Digital signal processing and communciations systems were my favorite subjects. Being fairly mathematical, DSP and communications theory inspired me to study more mathematics and to eventually do a PhD in differential geometry and analysis @Iowa.

Before leaving academia I took a postdoctoral research post at the University of Pennsylvania. There I developed a suite of mathematical contrast measures for 3D high angular diffusion MRI to better classify pathologies of neurodegenerative diseases. I published a paper about these measures at the MMBIA 2012 conference.

While I left academic mathematics, mathematics never left me. How I think about problem solving and my scientific tastes are heavily influenced by mathematics. That said, I have broad interests which span pure and applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science. In this blog I hope to, in particular, explore topics related to:

If you’ve read this far and want to reach out, don’t hesitate to connect @cwcomplex or {first name} at {last name}.im.